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About Us 

Jeffrey Wilson

For more than 20 years, Jeffrey Wilson was a senior-level project manager and Internet Technology expert for Fortune companies in the banking, insurance, telecom, healthcare, Internet, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail sectors with a solid track record of project completion. He has been considered in possession of a rare combination of project management, technical, and client management skills. His unique problem-solving skills, his ability to focus on all the data and uncover any missing data have been uniquely suited to his mastering Vibrational Clearing technologies.

In addition to decades of success, Jeffrey had been suffering from numerous symptoms of depression.  When Jeffrey’s consultations with doctors and a Psycho-pharmacologist were unable to eliminate symptoms that they described as “depression”, “ ADD”, “bipolar disorder” and “chronic fatigue syndrome”, Jeffrey began studying alternative healing modalities and quantum physics. His discoveries in new science have led him to become a very powerful healer. As a leading voice in alternative medicine and natural healing, Jeffrey’s healings provide us with a happier, more vital life embracing the fulfillment of the body, mind, and spirit. His philosophy and healing abilities have influenced countless people to achieve healthier, more fulfilling lives. He has staffed numerous personal growth training, led integration groups, and organized men’s study groups. He is also the recipient of The Ron Hering Mission of Service Award from The ManKind Project. Jeffrey is a powerful healer who is passionate about each person's ability to recover their health and create a life full of joy and meaning.

Jeffrey practices a healing modality based on new discoveries regarding the body’s subtle energies known as Vibrational Healing. This modality has been proven successful in thousands of clinical cases and applies to every physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issue. It works by eliminating the underlying cause of the symptoms to remove energetic blockages in the body/mind/energy field complex.

Jeffrey has seen that what many term “diseases” are actually manifestations of energetic imbalances. He now lectures medical professionals and lay audiences teaching them how Vibrational Healing dovetails with mind-body medicine and spiritual principles.  Jeffrey lectures and presents workshops around the country. He has been heartened by reports from hundreds of former audience members whose lives and health have been transformed during his workshops. Many subsequent books and papers by leading researchers of new science have since validated the concepts included in Vibrational Healing.

If you suffer from depression or anxiety, you may have struggled for decades looking for a solution that works. You hope to reach a healthy place, and you’re not sure where it is, whether you’ll ever arrive, or if happiness can ever exist, for you. I welcome the opportunity to be that road-map and to help guide you along your path from depression to joy.

Beth Simon

For Jeffrey Wilson Heals, I bring over 25 years of an extensive background in visual merchandising and staging presence in retail visual management, plus 15 years of graphic design. In the workplace, I have brought my clients’ visions to life.

Some of the companies I have worked with include: Frederick’s of Hollywood, Dillard's Department Stores, Best Products, Mervyn's Department Stores Burlington Coat Factory, and The Ranch Stores

I put my talents in graphic designs, floor plans, and visual merchandising techniques to work. Then I take ideas and concepts and turn them into dynamic experiences that resonate with core concepts, beliefs, and the energetic overlays of my clients.

I utilize ideas to transform them into vivid images, which provide the mediums that truly represent you, your vision, and your mission.

Most recently, I have also gone deeper than this, as I profoundly value my studies and practice Quantum Evolutions, Facilitators of Consciousness, and Vibrational Healing.

All of this adds up to a keen awareness—and the skill—to help you inspire people to call them to action.